The Possibility Project-Charlotte is an organization that empowers young people to transform the negative forces in their lives and communities into positive action.  Using the performing arts and community action as vehicles, we develop generations of engaged community leaders.


The Possibility Project-Charlotte selects young people, ages 13-19, from various schools, neighborhoods and backgrounds, to participate in one or more ensembles at Spirit Square.  Each ensemble meets weekly to increase their understanding of individual, community, and cultural issues; to improve their communication skills and their ability to resolve conflicts; to identify their personal leadership qualities; and to understand the value and opportunities of service to their communities.


Facilitated by the Director, Creative Team, and a number of local professional artists, each ensemble undergoes a process that combines team-building, performing arts, and community involvement activities designed to give each ensemble an opportunity to:


1) Explore individual, community, and cultural themes

2) Receive instruction in improvisation, acting, movement, dance, and voice

3) Create original theatrical presentations for public audiences based on their lives and ideas for change

4) Develop and implement unique action projects reflecting their knowledge of community concerns


To sign-up for an upcoming enesemble, email us at possibilitycharlotte@gmail.com


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