STORM ON follows a group of storm chasers as they track the powers of nature – human nature.  There is no turning back now and no foreseeable way to escape the destruction waiting at your doorstep.  All that is covered cannot be hidden for long.  Come watch life and art intersect as the performers weave together memories, regrets, secrets, and relationships through the use of storytelling, poetry, dance, and songs in an original production written by and based on the lives of the Ensemble.  STORM ON, The Possibility Project-Charlotte’s Season 12 Production, will take place on Saturday, June 29 at 7:30pm at the McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square.  Click on this link to purchase your tickets:



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To the Seniors of Season 11 and especially to the Production Team members that have been a part of my life for several years  – Amari, Dylan, Franҫois, Luke, and Peyton – it has been an honor to share this journey in TPP with each of you.  Congratulations on your graduation and I am very proud!  I know that all of you will carry this experience along with you throughout college and life.  Thank you for leaving your positive dedication and inspiring leadership for the Season 12 Ensemble to follow.  This is definitely not the end.


Creating Grave Expectations was not only a chance to perform in a show.


We shared real life stories – about the past that cannot be ignored and whatever you intend on burying can once again come from beneath the ground. Our disagreements, laughter, sweat, and tears created more than just an ensemble, it created a diversified family that we can each call home.


On a personal note, as an Alumni member myself, I am very pleased of my accomplishments.  The first time I walked into TPP, it conflicted with my personality.  I was never a “people person” and being in this atmosphere – it was a challenge. I often migrated to teenagers that I felt “comfortable” around. This diverse group changed my whole outlook on myself, as well as others. I used to be judgemental; I only thought of myself; I was rude and impatient and careless. One talk I had with Ms. Nikkeia changed everything.  The following year, I was on the Production Team.


Today I am known as a leader, a mentor, and a friend. 


From my first audition three years ago to my last show, I will take my relationships, leadership, dedication and “amnesty” with me and continue to encourage young adults within TPP and throughout the community.





Here’s to a new beginning – to Season 12 – where teenagers will continue to share their stories and inspire the city of Charlotte.  Valen’cia Hicks, Alumni: Season 9-Season 11





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